fyretale chuck gameCHUCK

How much wood can you Chuck?

Introducing FyreTale’s debut game, Chuck, a simple yet charming casual game. Join Chuck on his journey to become the best lumberjack in the universe! Collect and trade wood to upgrade his trusty side-kick; his axe. Gain recognition through the town by gaining achievements and collecting rare souvenirs. Catch fruit as they fall from the tree and gain advantageous and fun power-ups! Chuck is so easy to pick up, it’s hard to put down!

Just tap the tree to start chopping. Collect fruit and various items as they fall to gain significant bonuses, unlock achievements as you progress, and collect enough wood to buy upgrades that’ll have you chopping away like a pro!


We’re already hard at work on the next project for our portfolio. We will post development updates on our blog as we go along!