Fight Depression and Anxiety With Lavender Hydrosol

lavender in a field before being harvested for use in lavender hydrosolLavender is one of the oldest known natural remedies for anxiety and depression. Lavender hydrosol is a gentle lavender product that can be used even by people who are sensitive to essential oils. Using lavender to treat anxiety and depression is a good option for anyone that is worried about the side effects of using prescription medication to treat anxiety or depression.

Anxiety and depression are more common than people think. Over 6% of the entire popular experiences chronic anxiety or depression symptoms. While there is no cure for anxiety and depression smelling lavender and other natural plants can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Lavender can be used in many different ways to treat anxiety and depression.

One of the best ways to manage anxiety with lavender is to carry a small hydrosol bottle with you. The lavender spray can be used at the office, on the train, or anywhere in public where you start to feel anxious. Spray a little in the air directly in front of you. Or spray a little on your wrist or on your clothes. Breathe deeply and you should start feeling more relaxed almost instantly. Small hydrosol bottles are fantastic for managing social anxiety because the soft scent won’t annoy others but will still help relieve your anxiety.

Another way that you can help manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety with lavender is to add lavender hydrosol to your laundry routine. When your clothes smell like lavender all day you will get all the benefits of lavender throughout the day. You can add hydrosol to your regular detergent to add some fragrance when your clothes are washing.

And you can use hydrosol instead of a dryer sheet to make your clothes smell like lavender when they come out of the dryer. Just take a felted dryer ball, an unscented dryer sheet, or even a washcloth or a piece of towel and soak it in hydrosol so it smells like lavender. Throw it into the dryer with your clothes. During the drying cycle your clothes will absorb the lavender scent.

If you iron your clothes you can add another layer of lavender to make the scent last longer on your clothes. Use a hydrosol instead of water to spray the clothes before you iron them. That will add even more lavender fragrance to your clothes so that the soothing scent will last all day.